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    Once more: hdv -- scene detection

    cmeira Level 1


      what is the reason that premiere cs4 is not be able to detect scenes in HDV material?

      Why "we" have to use HDVSplit?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Ask Adobe. They are always last to introduce such basic functionality that is readily available in freeware/shareware for ages. Look at DV. Scenalyzer offered scene detection for more than two years before Adobe finally caught up and still does not compare favourably to Scenalyzer that offers a lot more. Adobe probably needs to progress to CS7, meanwhile stealing our $$ for each and every upgrade and still not delivering on time.


          IMO there is nothing wrong with HDVSplit. It works reliably and does what we expect it to do. If you don't like this answer, contact Adobe, maybe they can get their stuff together before 2015. (ETA CS5: 2011, CS6: 2013, CS7:2015)

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            cmeira Level 1

            Hello Harm,

            thanks for your reply -- that's exactly my opinion...