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    HTTPService problems while sending a String Variable to Server


      I have an xml in string form..... I want to send it as an http request to the server, which is written in .NET... server wud make its decession on the basis of this xml and wud return me another xml as http response..



      Problem ---->

      this request reaches server but when i look at the request reached at server it has my client infotmation but does not has my variable anywhere...... i iterate through all the parameters in Request.Params... but I don't find my string at all.... any idea why I can't find my sent variable ???




      Actionscript code to send xmlString to .NET Server using HTTPService:


      public function sendRequest(syncXmlString : String, httpResultHandler : Function) : void {

      try {


         var objectParam : Object = {name:PARAM_NAME, value:syncXmlString };

         var params : Object = [objectParam];


         var httpService : HTTPService = new HTTPService();


         httpService.url = serverUrl;

         httpService.method = HTTPRequestMessage.POST_METHOD;

         httpService.contentType =  HTTPService.CONTENT_TYPE_XML;

         httpService.resultFormat = HTTPService.RESULT_FORMAT_XML;


         httpService.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, httpResultHandler);

         httpService.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, httpFaultHandler);




      } catch (err : Error) {






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