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    Trying to record a 500*375 end project ... help!

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Hi. I'm using TCS, and am using Captivate that comes with it. (v 3.01 build 589).


      I'm trying to use Captivate to record software demonstrations, and have chosen this tool over Camtasia. I am finding I am limited in a few areas and am hoping it's just me.  I'm trying to record in a small size (500 width by 375 height, the size is not negotiable). I need to be able to crop certain slides in order to make the text big enough to read, crop different areas of others, even record different sized slides in one project so that the demo is usable. I know that Captivate does not have Camtasia's pan-zoom capabilities, but can it do other things that will work the same? I tried a zoom area and it got fuzzy... I tried resizing the project and it cropped all my slides (even the ones to stay full-sized...).


      I am recording in demonstration-recording mode, on a screen resolution of 800*600, and a recording size of 779*467 (which is admittedly somewhat arbitrary, I'm just playing guess and try again with the recording size).


      Any help would be appreciated!!


      Thanks in advance,

      Adriana Harper