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    Bad quality for JPEG encoded images ,,<***(sample images INSIDE)***>

    seme1 Level 1
      I have noticed that the quality of the images produced by the JPEGEncoder does not match that of other encoders available (i.e. php’s built in image compression functions from the gd library)

      Any explanation ? or hints/workarounds for improving the quality of compressed images by JPEGEncoder ??

      Please have a look at the following samples:

      original image:
      Size: 110KB

      Image encoded with JPEGAsync (same effect with JPEGEncoder):

      Image encoded with Php’s built-in functions (gd library):
      Much smoother than the JPEGAsyncencoder and JPEGEncoder version.. and smaller too

      Any hints ? or workarounds to improve the quality of the encoded images ?