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    Looking to make LIGHT STREAKS??

      Ok i had seen the answer to this somewhere but it was a while ago and can't remember where, it's hard to explain but i think you guys/girls will get what i mean.  basically it's the effect used in music videos where there's a light behind the artist and as he/she moves the light hits the camera, but the light basically streaks a wide line across the screen.


      there's a better video i just can't remember it but here's an example in the FLO RIDA - LOW video



      if you look through the video they use a lot of lights and you'll notice the effect i'm talking about a few times:

      0:19 ( behind T-PAIN there's an yellow light that does it )

      0:37 ( again behind T-PAIN same yellow light )

      you get the jisst if you watch the whole video there's a bunch of examples of it.


      i could have sworn it was a trapcode plugin that let you do this to lights but i'm not sure if that's true, and if it is then which one is it cuz i can only think it would be LUX or STARFLOW.  if anybody knows or has any ideas please let me know. or if i'm totally wrong and this is a practical effect done in camera. thanks.

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Andrew Kramer in his Ring tutorial shows how to do a widescreen lensflare. The streak you see on the Tpain video is in fact a lensflare, and you can achieve this effect easily with the Red Giant Knoll Light Factory.


          Hope that helps,



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            yeah i think knoll factory might be it i'll try it later on today.  yeah im a fan of kramer's but that lens flare in the ring video is just a solid and looks extremely unrealistic in most application, in my opinion at least.  but thanks, and anyone else have any other ideas feel free to let me know.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Those look like lens flares. Real ones.


              You can fake the effect with the AE plug-in Lens Flair and a few blurred solids with the blend mode set to add. Trapcode Shine may also be used to supplement the look. You can't buy a single plug-in that will duplicate the effect on your sample video exactly. For exact duplication of the effect you'll need to work in 32bit, separate foreground elements and background elements, add layers for the light streaks both behind and in front of the foreground elements and then fuss round a bit.


              There's a series of tutorials at DV Garage that show how to create a flashes and flares in a light saber fight. You can look at them here. It should give you an idea of how you can create the effect in your film. The last two samples tutorials (5 & 6) are the most important to watch, but all of them are worthwhile.