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    noob help - joining paths

    millerthegorilla Level 1
      Hi I am new to fireworks 8 and am trying to simply join four straight lines to make a box shape so that I can fill it. I figure once I have learnt how to do this I can start making more complex shapes. I have tried combining the paths using modify->combine paths->join after selecting the paths but to no avail. I have tried using the subselection tool and selecting two handles and joining them. I have tried everything I can think of but cannot fill the object (presumably because the paths aren't closed). The closest I've got is to create a rectangle, place the handles of the paths over the top of each other, combine the paths so I've got a composite path and then when I've filled the object its only filled half the object in a sort of triangle. This is so frustrating. Please help.
      ps If I flatten the square I can fill it. However, it turns into a bitmap so I can't edit it any more. Surely there is a way of creating vector objects that can be filled.