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    Recommended Workflow for Converting from .avi to .m4v


      I would like to take an edited .avi file and prepare it for playing on both iPods and in QuickTime/iTunes. I downloaded the trial version of PE7 to see if I could use it for this. From what I understand and have tried out, I can create an h.264 (MPEG-4, part 10) .mp4 file using PE7. What is the best way to convert this to the .m4v format? My OS is Windows Vista Ultimate. I tried using iTunes to convert it, but the resulting file did not play smoothly. I also tried downloading MPEG Streamclip and found I could not play the .mp4 file smoothly.


      Am I sacrificing quality by starting with a tool that cannot export to .m4v, namely PE7?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If all you want to do is convert AVI to M4V, you should buy Quicktime Pro ($29 from Apple).


          But the MP4s Premiere Elements creates should be just fine for iPod playback.

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            elrodalta Level 1

            Thanks. I'll try that. I believe I need to create the .m4v so it will play in QuickTime and in iTunes. I want to encode the .avi file for a podcast, and I thought PE7 would allow me to prepare the file for the Internet (deinterlace, change the pixel aspect ratio, and lower the file size without sacrificing too much quality) and also give me a good tool for any editing I need to do. I guess QuickTime Pro will do a good enough job at the conversion, so I'll try that. I may get PE7 anyway to use for editing.


            Could I then do the editing in PE7, save again as an .avi file, and then open the file in QuickTime Pro to do the final conversion?

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              If you use the "Mobile Phones and Players" export preset you can export to m4v. To convert to .m4v (this is a video only stream, your audio will be exported seperately) you could use the iPOD export preset and then in Advanced under Multiplexer set it to None instead of mp4. You can also select the audio format under Audio. This will export a .m4v video and an audio stream.

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                elrodalta Level 1

                Thanks so much for your replies. I did try this procedure and as you said, got two files. So what can these files be used for? I couldn't open them in iTunes or QuickTime as they are. Can they be wrapped together somehow?


                The reason I wanted to convert to .m4v is that I assumed after I did some tests (perhaps wrongly) that an .mp4 would not play in QuickTime. Now I'm wondering if it is just that I or PE7 didn't encode it properly. When I try to play the .mp4 files I encoded, the playback is jerky and I get some green artifacts. The .mp4 plays fine in Nero and in Windows Media Player.


                What is your opinion of this discussion that seems to imply that the latest versions of QuickTime will not play .mp4 files? http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6604949


                I'm starting to think that my best bet may be to use QuickTime Pro since theoretically that should be able to produce files that play properly in its own product. But maybe I am making a mistake in the options I'm choosing for encoding.

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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  If you export as m4v then you will always get two streams.. a video and audio. Sounds like you need the multiplexed export.


                  Take a look at this thread. Someone has a similar problem and came up with a solution.



                  Regarding the link you posted, I suppose you could try to roll back to 7.3 and see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise I suppose an easy solution would be to export the clip twice... once using the iPOD preset for playing back on yoru iPOD and then using the Quictime preset for playing back in Quicktime/itunes.


                  Or go the Quicktime Pro route that Steve suggested.

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                    elrodalta Level 1

                    Thank you so much. I appreciate your time very much. That link is quite interesting and will help me understand what I'm dealing with better.


                    I'm doing this for a podcast, so I need to have one file that will work for everyone who has iTunes or an iPod to include in the rss feed as an enclosure. I don't want to maintain two feeds.


                    So I think I'm going to try QuickTime Pro and hope that solves my woes.


                    I'm wondering now if I should still buy PE7 for editing. I like the product and have spent some time with it now. Of course, I wish I could do everything just in PE7 but don't think that's possible at this point.


                    So I still have a question about the workflow if anyone can help. Just to clarify, if I import .avi files into PE7 and do some editing, then can I just export to .avi and then open the new .avi file in QuickTime? Is that the workflow I would use? I'm assuming that QuickTime Pro can de-interlace the video, change the pixel aspect ratio, and allow me to make other adjustments to reduce the file size. I would export from QuickTime as .mp4 and hope that .mp4 files that QuickTime renders will work in the latest version of the QuickTime player. Otherwise, I'll have to export to .m4v, which I don't think can be used by other players???


                    Anyway, I think I'm on the road to a solution. Hopefully, QuickTime Pro won't have similar issues.


                    Thanks again for your time and advice.

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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      You can certainly edit and then export your video as DV-AVI from PE7 and then "publish" it with QuickTime Pro. See this link that details the difference between QuickTime and QuickTime Pro and explains what it can do.


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                        elrodalta Level 1

                        I have now tried out QuickTime Pro, and I can create an .mp4 file that plays smoothly in all media players. I need to borrow a portable video device to test how the file plays on one of those. How nice to see how well and easily QT Pro works for my specific needs. I think I will purchase PE7 as well for editing. Thanks. I bookmarked the link you sent as well.