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    simple maze game

      i have made a simple maze game, last thing to add... is sound.

      heres a list of sounds i want to know how to get working..

      on main menu a song plays (loops), stops when i click to goto another frame.

      in the actuall game over a few frames. I want a song to continuously play and stop when either the play wins or the player loses.

      i want another song to play on the lose and win frames that are similar to menu,

      i really cant remember how to do this in as2.

      anyhelp will be greatly appreciated. so thanks in advance.


      2 more problems have been found, first of all my next level cube bit, i have to move the player into the centre of the cube, its using the same code as the walls. Also i want the player to go over this rather than under it. Secondly with the corner of the walls im getting the same problem as i am with the finish cube, it has to go right into the corners before there is any reaction. If anyone can help me here i will be very appreciative