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    Is a 720x480 square pixel project prossible in PE4?


      The videos I've been creating in P4E and burn to DVDs look great on a standard def NTSC television but slightly blurry and less crisp and clear on a computer screen.  My uneducated guess is that this is because the videos are rendered with .9 aspect ratio pixels.  I am transitioning to a situation where I will be making video mostly for display on computer screens.  Most of the presets in PE4 are set to .9 pixel aspect ratio as far as I can tell.  I think I want to work in a strictly 1:1 square pixel aspect ration environment.  The 720p preset does have square pixels from the strart but working at this resolution (1280x720) seems quite a bit more taxing on my system than 720x480.  I cannot seem to change the preset P4E settings to allow me to change the 720x480 NTSC preset to use square pixels.  Of course I could work in .9 and then export to a square pixel format but that seems to create blurry output expecially where text is involved also.  Am I on the wrong track here?


      Thank you!




      A separate but related thought on this topic:

      Most of the presentations I edit require me to bring in Powerpoint slides which I do by exporting them to JPG and using a batch convert action in Photoshop to resize them to 720x540 and then squish them to 720x480 so that they will look good for 0.9 pixel aspect ratio.  This works great for DVDs but not for display on computer monitors. I am trying to get my output, including these imported ppt slides to look undistorted on a computer monitor. Working in 720p seemed to solve this but I would prefer to work in 720x480 or 640x480 for now.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          It is not the pixel aspect ratio that is the problem. It is probably the 720x480 resolution of your video when played on a high resolution monitor. Say your monitor resolution is 1280x1024, if you play your DVD full screen it will be blown up 4 times... this is where the bluriness is coming from. There is little you can do about it unless you use the 720p project preset, if you use photos this is probably fine as their resolution will be larger than 1280x720, but any NTSC video would be expanded to fit the frame in PE4 and you again would get blurry results on export/viewing.


          For computer viewing of your Powerpoint slides etc why not export to a WMV format rather than burning to disc. The export will be square pixels. However you will still have the bluriness issue if watched at full screen resolution.

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            jersnav Level 1

            Hi Paul,


            Thank you for your response!


            Do you know if there is a way to create a project in PE4 that is 640x480 and square pixels?  I want to start the project out at these setting  not just export to these settings.


            It seem that when my project stays in square pixels throughout the entire process I end up with video that looks great on my computer monitor.  But when I start out at the NTSC preset of 720x480 and .9 pixel aspect ratio the text in my video ends up blurry except when viewed on a TV.  It doesn't seem to make any difference if I export to a square format like a WMV file.


            I am not watching the videos in full screen mode on my monitor but at the original resolution.


            Here is an example of one of my videos where the imported PPT files turned out good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYbNWDtDzHg (see slide about 20 seconds in).  It was created with square pixels all the way through


            and here is one where they are blurry: http://blip.tv/file/2027872 (see slide at the beginning)  This one was created with .9 pixel aspect ratio and then exported to a square format.


            Thank you again!



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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Sorry Jeremy but no, you cant start a project with 640x480 square pixels. You are limited to the presets that are available in PE7.


              The slides that you bring into PE7 what resolution are they? PE7 does not scale down photos/slides well when reducing them to the frame size. It is better to resize them to no bigger than 1000x750 in Photoshop (Elements) and then import them into PE7. Obviously with a larger frame size such as 1280x720 you can handle larger intial frame sizes. Maybe this is contributing to the poor quality.


              Maybe you will be forced to work with 1280x720. I know it takes more time/resources but if you are getting better results...

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                jersnav Level 1

                This is just what I needed to know!  Thank you.  I think I will stick with 1280x720 for now.  It does seem to give me the output quality I'm looking for.