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    Very annoying problem with AIR\Media player

        To begin with, I was getting used to using Adobe Media Player, just watching some videos. Now, I download a video just to try it out, nothing fancy, just a biography video. It says it downloads so I go to C:\Programfiles\ etc....  into media player, no video. It was a 60 mb download, nothing. So I uninstall EVERYTHING, even do a registry cleanup, folders, everything, reinstall. I sign in to media player, the video says it's downloaded. OK, I go back to C:\ progs... etc... there is a 2, 786 kb file, but it's not the same name vid, it's a previous one. I delete it. I go back into the player, still the vid says it's downloaded but yet, I can't re-download it and it's not on my PC. I can't download other vids either. Then the file comes back in C\progs after I reinstall and sign in, same 2,786 kb file, only it won't open with media player or windows media player or anything else for that matter, all players, vlc, nothing and says the file is corrupt. So I delete it and get the media player message, something about the app being broken, yet it starts. Yikes man, this thing is being quite the pain. I can live without it but thought if anyone had any suggestions...





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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Are you subscribe to the channel where the video that you want is located?

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            I haven't had to subscribe to any channel to download a video. As long as I'm signed in, most of the time the videos begin to download on their own unless I stop them, another annoying issue which could fill up hard drive space very quickly if someone doesn't realize this. But anyway, prior, the vid would be saved in the cache folder, now, it isn't and even though I deleted all the cache folder "except for one folder that's always in use" , videos I download are not actually there. One hint of this is that the video still has to buffer for a while as it's playing, another is the obvious, they aren't in the cache or any other folder. As stated, tried the C:\Prog files adobe folder too, nothing yet the vids say they are in fact downloaded. I even tried Jdisk report to find any larger files but nothing shows the vids. Another problem is "sometimes" I hear 2 vids playing at the same time even though only one instance of Adobe player even in task manager.


            So I can still watch the videos or older twilight zone episodes "understanding some are streamed and can't be downloaded" so I'm not completely put out or anything but wish I could resolve this. After replying, I may look into that folder that can't be deleted "unless I uninstall", it may be the key to my problem.

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              Ok, got it. I used an app killer on the video, deleted it from cache, now everything is back to normal. Odd how even after an uninstall "complete at that" deleted every instance of AIR or Media Player, it still would do this but regardless, it's fixed. Thanks for the help.