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    Merge projects in RH 7



      I have three separate projects created in RH7. I want to merge all this projects, yet retain the project wise folder structure so that its easy to manage. Is there an option to import / merge projects in RH7? Or if there is a better way to manage / handle my projects, suggestions are very welcome.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Can you tell us what output type you are creating as the answer depends on that.


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            RoboWizard Level 4

            Hi there


            In addition to what Colum asked I have another question.


            Sometimes we see folks speak of Merging and meaning something other than what we immediately think. There are generally two schools of thought here.


            1. You say Merging, but you really mean you wish to Combine two or more projects so you edit them as one large project. Then create a single help system from that.
            2. You say Merging and you really do mean it in the sense we would understand it. You wish to maintain editing different projects that are each creating individual help systems. They are Merged when the user views them and presented as a single help system to the user. But to you, you are still editing and maintaining individual help systems.


            Which is it you mean here? 1 or 2?


            Cheers... Rick



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              CPortals Level 1



              1. The help output is Webhelp.

              2. By merging I mean:

                   a. I am maintaining 3 different projects.

                   b. Some topics are common to each project.

                   c. The output for each of the projects is different, there is a different ToC and the help files are acessible to users of 3 different access roles.

              3. The solution I am looking for is to combines all these 3 projects into a single one, use common topics and then create help files with different ToC.

              4. Since I have 3 projects, what would be the appropriate route to follow to combine them into a single one, so that I can maintain the files easily.


              I hope I have been able to put it more clearly this time around.