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    Lifecycle Designer 8: How to send form as pdf and xml in one mail?


      Hi all.

      I am using Adobe reader pro 9 now for a some weeks and have to design a form with a "Send by mal" button.

      Now I'd like this form to be send back by pdf as well as xml. Unfortunately I can only choose one of these possibilities.


      What could I do?


      My second question is related to a reader form and Lotus notes. (6.6.5)

      Whenever I try the "send by email" button with the free adobe reader, it puts the mail adress twice in the "to" field. When opoening the form with adobe pro, it puts a lot more text in the "to field".

      I searched already in the forum, but found only that I have to put a comma after the mail adress. This works, but I still have the mail adress twice in the to field.


      Would be nice, If you could help

      Kind regards