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    Ram Preview Question


      Hi everyone


      I am a first year photography student and am attempting to do an animation with After Effects CS4. I’m new to After Effects and have only just started to use this particular software.


      The problem I have if it is a problem and not user error, is this.  If I run Ram Preview on an animated film made up of digital stills in layers, when it gets to three quarters of the way through it stops and loops to that point i.e. 20 seconds of a 30 second animation. If I take any of the transform or effects options off the layer were it stops and loops too, it will then Ram Preview to the end without any problems.


      I can work around this by setting the magnification setting to 50% or reducing the resolution down sampler to half. This then plays fine with all transform and effects in place.


      So my question is this. Is this how the software works or is there a problem with this program or is it a setup issue? I have left the preferences set to default.


      Thanks for you help with this matter.