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    Captivate 1.0 Not loading

      HELP ME!!


      I've got Captivate 1.0.1188.1188 and every time i click the .exe it's loading the Splash screen then doing nothing. The app won't load at all after the splash.


      I'm using my work laptop (Dell Latitude D430) and it's worked fine for a fair while.


      All of a sudden, yesterday, tried opening it and nothing.


      I've seen similar threads on here and have followed all of the tips provided.


      I've also had our Tech service desk uninstall/re-install the latest flash and also un/re the captivate file. I've also had my network profile re-built to see if it's a profile error/restriction and still nothing. Our tech guys are stumped (althought that's not too difficult )


      Any help? I'm desperate...