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    AE CS4 can't render 6K comp on Mac Pro 4x3GHz

      Any idea why ? Can't do RAM preview or render large comps. I think this is a multi processor issue, but having that option disabled in the prefs does not help. So far the only workaround is reducing the comp size

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Well i guess you have hit one limitation of AE. In order to render a frame, AE rendering engine must be able to store the biggest element of your composition into a continuous ram space. On windows XP/Vista 32, i standard Behavior AE can use up to 2gb of ram, and 3.5 on Mac. On windows vista 64bit, you can use up to 4gb of ram per core. A 6K image needs more than 1gb of continuous ram space, and it will need more if you add effetcs on it such as blur, dof and such.


          In order to render your comp, you will have the following options:


          - Downsize your elements so they can fit into your Ram

          - cut your element. If your BG is a 6k psd file, divide it into several smaller chunks (1k, 2K is ideal) in Photoshop and import/align them into AE.

          - try to close any other programs than AE on your PC/Mac, disconnect it from the internet to turn off the antivirus (so you can free some more ram)

          - enable disk caching in "edit > preferences > cache & memory". (disk caching allows to free some ram, AE will store it's cached rendered element onto your hdd)

          - try to use the secret pref to purge every 1 frame and to disable caching (will save even more ram than disk caching). Warning this will slow down your rendering and it's to use with caution. To access the secret menu, press "shift", keep it pressed and then go to edit > preferences> general. Once the preferences menu shows up, release shift, and you will notice a new preference item called "secret".


          Hope that helps.

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            Level 1

            Thanks for the tips. However the funny thing is that I am able to render my comp on my 2x2 GHz MacBook Pro laptop ! So I guess this is definitely a chip issue.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, the decisive question is, how much RAM you actually have. Nothing else matters, especially with multiprocessing enabled. Also consider, that multicore processors generally have more overhead in managing the processes, which may also influence the situation. Furthermore, you may have running some tools on your desktoip machine, that you are not using on teh notebook or that are disabled, either by you or the power managemnet options. Could well be, that Time Capsule or different settings for Spotlight can make things go haywire. Also of course there could be a different update level on teh system or different Quicktime versions. Quite a few combinations. If you can provide more info, I'm sure a culprit can be found.