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    Problems with the tainted frames on the timeline

      Could anyone help me here?

      I'm really stucked on this one and I can't find an answer anywhere on the internet.


      I have a huge website I made only in Flash CS3. Getting everything on the timeline, I'm already over the 13.000th frame.

      I love Flash but I don't know much about Actionscript.


      The problem is that some of the elements on the timeline, instead of being represented by a tainted frame, they appear as a blank keyframe, although the element IS there and appears in the result.


      Could it be that as I go to a higher frame number the program starts to be become unstable?


      I tried a lot of things but it didn't work or get near anywhere to solve this problem, including the "tainted frames" option, which affects the entire timeline, not those frames.


      Could anyone please help?