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    Bones - Copy MC with Armature to new file causes depth-problem




      I'm making a game with biped (human-like, i.e two arms, two legs...) characters rigged with CS4s new bones tool. I have a problem..


      I put each character in a movieclip. Actually, all animations have movieclips for themselves, but that's beside the point.


      The problems start when I copy my MC to a new file (I do the graphics and animations in files X and Y and give them to the programmers to implement):


      Most of the individual bodyparts (MCs containing bitmaps) become rearranged in "depth". So the MC called upper_leg_right might, for example, might be at the top in the file I work with, but it ends up in a different "depth" position, for example under all the other bodyparts, when it's being copied to another file.


      Since we'll have many characters and many animations, this will be a huge problem later on, as we'll need to go through all of them each time something is added or updated to make sure all bodyparts in all files have their correct "depth".

      Anyone else experience this? Is there a way to make sure it doesn't happen?