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    Field Flickering when rendering to DVD or TV

      I'm running into the same problem over and over again. And I can't seem to figure out how to solve it.


      The problem I'm having is:

      I load my video using the Matrox RTX.2 card, CS4 recognises this as an Upper Field footage (previous versions always were Lower Field). I edit the video, add some effects, and speed up or slow down some files.


      Now, when rendering this to DVD Mpeg (or any other DVD compatible extention), creating the DVD (in Encore CS4) and burning it to a PAL DVD format then playing it on TV the slowmotion parts and speedups are Flickering back and forward (the usual field problem)


      I've done everything to check it.


      - I rendered everything upper field

      - I rendered everything lower field

      - I changed footage in Premiere CS4 to upper and lower

      - I rendered in AVI, MPG (DVD and Native)

      - I rendered on a PC using the DV codec (so without the Matrox Card)

      - I rendered on a Mac with Premiere CS4 (and a Blackmagic card)

      - I done Interpret footage inside Encore with all the variations above


      On the end it came down to this, I had to remove the fields in Premiere, I rendered without fields. Now, obviously it's not jittering anymore, but it is less sharp and smooth (because it's more flat and half the frames it supposed to be). That is a solution for now, but not on the long run. Premiere CS3 and previous never had any problems with fields, as long as the production pipeline stayed the same it's no problem


      - I also checked the sequence settings


      Does anyone has these kind of problems, or does anyone know how to solve this? I tried on 4 systems.. different from eachother.


      Thanks in advance,



      Ruud Zeelenberg