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    __processRuleSet will not accept 'div1' tag

    sudar1983_14 Level 2

      Hi All,




      It is very interesting error.


      I want grep xmlElements from the Indesign XML file.


      When i am giving 'div1' tag in the __ProcessRuleSet, It show the error (attached), If i give other then the 'div' tag, it is working fine.


      what was the problem with 'div'? Is it CS3 bug or mine?


      My code is below


      var tag='div1';

      var myArray=new Array();


      var DoiRuleSet = new Array(new FindDivElement("//"+tag, myArray));

      __processRuleSet(ele, DoiRuleSet);



      function FindDivElement(myrule, myArray)


           this.name = "FindElement";

           this.xpath = myrule;

           this.apply = function(myElement, myRuleProcessor)