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    when pasting text in CS4 I get a bitmap

      Hi, I use this tool every minute and I got to the point where I got VERY dissapointed about it.


      1. First of all, when I copy/paste text from Pages into FW it replaces some special character ie: "Can't Paste text" into "Canít Paste text". Same with "Special Offer — Buy NOW" into "Special Offer ó Buy NOW".


      2. and the bad news is that when I tried to do it using MS Office 08, instead of converting them to other characters, it just paste text as BITMAP!!


      I really need to solve this problem asap. I work with FW everyday, have deadlines and its causing me BIG PROBLEMS.


      Thanks, Natalia

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          I can't help with the first issue, but I have run into the other issue with my students. It's an MS Office quirk, thanks to the DOCX format. We resolved it by saving the file as a straight text file on the Mac, I believe, and then the copy/paste worked. If you're on a PC, you should also be able to save the file as .rtf.