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    Drop Down Hotspot and Text

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      I hope I'm posting this to the correct place...this forum looks different since the last time I posted!


      I have a question about drop down text.  I have a content page that ends with 10 FAQ's. I simply typed the question and then added the answer as drop down text.  The first 3 questions work properly after publishing...you click on the question and the answer appears under the question.  The next 6, however, aren't working like that.  The answers jump to the bottom of the screen under the last question (although the last question hasn't been clicked). When I click on a different question, that answer appears ABOVE the previous answer listed at the end of the page. Basically, the answers to the last 6 questions are not appearing under those individual questions.


      Is there a maximum number of drop down text boxes you can have on one page?