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    Flex 3 App having problems with Vista/Flash10

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      Hello Forum Folks,


      I have a small little wizard/form app in Flex 3.0 that runs wonderfully in Flash 9 on a Windows XP box.  However, when I try to run it on a Vista/Flash 10 box, the VBox that contains the wizard is a blank screen.  I get the blank screen only when I return to the wizard from being in it previously (while staying inside the Flex app).  I can see that the wizard code is pulling data from my server with no problem when the blank screen occurs.  However, the browser (I'm using Firefox 3.0.1) states that it is still downloading data from my server.  Using HttpFox I can see that all requests to server are answered with an HTTP 200 (OK) response, so I don't think it's the server/client communication....


      Anyone run into this before?  Any idea on how to force the VBox to display or refresh?  I've tried invalidateDisplayList - but no positive results.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Not really a solution but a work-around for the problem:  When I revisist the wizard, I made the handle holding the wizard equal to null, then created a new wizard  and re-attached it as a child:


          this.wizardHandle = null;

          this.wizardHandle = new WizardApp();



          This kept the blank screen from appearing... which is good, but doesn't fix the underlying problem... whatever that happen to be.  So if anyone still has a guess I would be glad to hear it.