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    Opening PM5 files (without a Pagemaker program)

      My company bought Pagemaker 5 a very long time ago. And the original install disc has since "disappeared". The last standing computer that had Pagemaker installed, recently had a major melt down and the program was unsalvagable.


      We have several PM5 files that I would like to access somehow (whether it be purchasing a program that can read these files, or converting them in some way or even being able to get the program again) It would be nice if I can edit them, but if that is not possible, just to print would be awesome.


      We're running Windows XP Professional service Pack 2.


      I tried opening them in InDesign 2, and I guess InDesign can only read PM6 and up files. Is there a way to convert PM5 files to PM6 so I can access them in InDesign?


      Any help would be much appreciated.