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    Batch File Naming

    LArtJunky Level 1

      There seems to be something messed up with Batch File Naming. Explaining it is probably too difficult to demonstrate without specifics but I'll try to add some details after I try to recreate the action/filenaming problem I had.


      GENERALLY, this is the problem. The SOLUTION may be easier to explain


      I want to be able to set a batch file on 5 different sized images.

      Each sized images needs to have a prefix and if the image is larger, it needs to have certain things done.


      I gave up trying to do this a while ago so I'm describing this from memory.


      Adding the Prefix is fine to one image is fine if I only had to do one size. I want to do 5 so it needs to save in between.

      I also want to have it set the Save To Web with Progressive image download on only the larger images.


      One thing I tried was to have Photoshop set defaults: I went to the SAVE TO WEb and there was an area  where you could save image defaults and name them. When I tried to use these in the batch, they were ignored.


      At one point, I ended up having 5 actions nested in another action. (I think that's how I did it) but this only gave me partial success and I could get everything. It was also too complicated to reproduce.




      I think the solution would be to build on the Batch system that already exists. Where it gives you the ability to add a prefix, suffix, extension...it would be nice if it also allowed you to set a break-point where you can specify how many iterations to go through and with each iteration, you'd have another set of options that offer a choice of prefix, name, suffix, and extension.


      In the SAVE TO WEB area, it would be nice to have a way of saving a SAVE TO WEB profile and then, when setting up actions, one could select one of these SAVE TO WEB profiles.


      I know this is probably too confusing to understand but perhaps you've had a similar issue...perhaps a solution?

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          LArtJunky Level 1

          Just tried the save to web bit of it.


          In the SAVE TO WEB menu, theres an option to select a save profile.


          I created FIVE profiles and each of them served to save with a prefix like below:

          1. XZname.ext

          2. ZOname.ext

          3. DDname.ext

          4. TNname.ext

          5. XSname.ext


          I  created one action with 5 SAVE TO WEB functions in them and it let me load each of the 5 profiles.


          As I created the action, instead of actually using each of the 5 profiles that I was loading it didn't actually use them and just asked me to save over the image.


          So it looks like it's basically there to use. It just doesn't work righ or at least it doesn't work the way one would expect.  Bug?


          If someone wants to look at the action, I can attach it.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            I’m not quite sure I really got all of Your intentions, but I’m fairly confident that it could be achieved using JavaScript for Photoshop, because conditional clauses are possible there.

            Anyway, from my experience I would say that Scripting is not extremely easy to grasp when one has no background in programming, but the Scripting Forum has a bunch of regular posters who are very helpful and knowledgeable.

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              EricDuboisMDD Level 2

              I will add myself to this thread to support this feature request. The "save for web" file naming options in actions are lacking. You can either keep the original file name or replace it everywhere. But in many cases of batch file processing, you'll want to append the file name.


              A naming scheme similar to the one used for slices (but simpler) should be incorporated. so you can append a suffix or prefix to the file name.


              (BTW, If you have only one slice in a document, SFW does not save using the slice name, but uses the document name instead.)

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