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    "Soft" entry for news bug


      I've created a newscast-style video, with the subject in the center of the frame, and a simple, non-moving cityscape behind.  The cityscape is on VT1, the subject with green screen is on VT2, and I used green screen to composite, no problem.


      On VT3 I have a bug-style graphic -- I used the Motion properties to shrink it down and move it to the top-left corner of the screen.


      Everything's working fine, but as the corner graphic changes, it tends to blink in and out of site very fast.  I notice that on real newscasts the bug tends to fade in and out a little more "gently," much like a dip to black transition.


      I did try putting a dip to white on the front edge of the VT3 clip, but the entire screen dips to white, rather than just that graphic.


      Any advice for how to accomplish this?




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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Try using the Opacity control on the VT3. Fade it in and out, it is easy to do this... just right click on the clip in VT3 and hover your mouse over Fade, then select Fade In and then Fade out.


          You can adjust the duration of the Fade In and Fade Out by dragging the keyframe to the left or right. Look at the yellow line running through the clip... here you will see the keyframe where the opacity changes. Otherwise you can adjust it in the Properties Panel for the clip, using Opacity.

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            DrUsual Level 1

            Not only was that extremely helpful, it was incredibly fast.  Thanks!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In addition, you can Rt-click on the Keyframes in the Timeline and adjust their velocity. I find that Ease Out/Ease In works for most applications. One can also apply Bezier velocity controls and adjust the handles on these curves. Note: the handles are tiny, so you may have to look closely to see and adjust them.



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                DrUsual Level 1

                Thanks Wine!  I did find the Bezier controls and adjusted by the handles, but you're not kidding -- those handles are tough to spot.  I've already got my resolution cranked way up to get maximum screen real estate, and after I figured out what that line was, it still took me a a while to realize there were handles on it for adjusting. 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Because those handles also appear in the mini-timeline in the Effects Control Panel in PrPro, I find that to be the best place to address them. Given the GUI of PE (since ver. 3), I think that it would be helpful to also have a mini-timeline in the Effects Edit Panel. Still, it will test your eyesight, and the steadiness of your hands.


                  Glad you found them,