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    clip notes still busted


        I love the Clip Notes feature! It stands out among NLE's. However, it no longer appears to work when exporting from CS3 and opened in Reader 9. There have been a handful of posts about this in the last year, without any resolution. I am wondering if there can be any kind of definitive answer if this will ever get fixed in CS3. It appears to be a non-issue in CS4, but we should not have to upgrade to get this fix. And it's ridiculous to say we should ask our clients to revert to Reader 8 after they have Reader 9 installed. The whole point of Clip Notes is to make things simpler.


        This is a very basic and important fix request.


      Please help!



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          It is unlikely (read: impossible) that any more updates to CS3 will be

          posted.  Development of updates for CS4 is in full swing, and I suspect

          that CS5 is also in work.


          Reversion to Reader 8 is the only solution available.  It is not a good

          solution, since the gaping security holes in 8 were closed in 9, and

          then closed again in 9 with a patch.  Closing those security holes

          disabled a lot of functionality in certain .pdf files, even among

          Adobe's own apps.



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            Level 1


              I really appreciate your direct answer. I suspected this was the case, but it's good to get a second opinion. I know there are lots of good reasons to upgrade, but this is for me almost strong enough in itself due to a lot of client back-and-forth.