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    Adobe Central - Print Job Accounting

      It is beginning to become industry standard to have departmentalized billing for print jobs, based on paper and toner usage.  In order to facilitate this, many newer generation multi-purpose printers have included User Authentication or Print Job accounting into their functionality.


      I work for a company that resells Adobe Central Output licenses among many other things as part of our sofware packages.  Recently, I have had some of my customers attempt to print to security or print job accounting enabled printers - only to find that the printer is rejecting the print job.  So for instance, a job printed through the Adobe Central Output Server hits the printer, does not print - and produces the following in the log file:


      Job ID  Job Mode  Computer Name       User Name       Login Name
      7805    Print         N/A                         User Unknown   N/A 


      A job submitted through the windows print queue, and therefore processing through the windows print driver with the printer accounting configured produces the following:


      Job ID  Job Mode  Computer Name       User Name       Login Name
      7797    Print         My_Computer           username         99999


      After a lot of research I found that this is because the forms created for use with Adobe Central have special drivers compiled into them - with any options predefined there.  Therefore, when Adobe Central jobs are hitting the print queue as a precompiled PCL file, they are not picking up any of the configurations from the windows print driver, but being sent as Raw PCl to the printer.


      I am wondering if there is a way to configure in these printer accounting codes, user authentication, or etc.


      Can anyone make a suggestion as to how this might be done?  Will this only work if there is a PCL code for the particular function supported by the printer?  Would I have to receive a specialized print driver to compile into my MDF files that has these options available?