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    can we import and use a 3ds Max model with softimage CAT bone system ?

    Fallen Lord


      I have modelled and textured various 3D animals in 3D Studio Max 2009.
      and I have used Softimage CAT plugin to rig and animate the animals.
      now they all have nice looping walk animations.

      I wonder if I can import my 3D animals with their CAT bone system into Director.
      I don't need to control them and no interactive movements needed as well, they just move from one location to another while playing their walking animation

      I know that the standart bone system in max can be used in Director. but I have no idea about the softimage Cat Bone system.
      here is the link for that:

      please guide me if this is possible by using Softimage CAT bone system plugin on 3DS MAX.

      Thank you