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    Customizing my Disc Menu



      The help section states: "If a menu does not have a drop zone, you can still place a video or still images in the menu, and it will replace the entire background."  To do so it says..."If the menu does not have a drop zone, drag a clip from the Project view to the menu to replace the existing background."  and there is a graphic that shows the Disc Menus Tab with a "project" button and a "templates" button.  My Disc Menus Tab doesn't have these 2 buttons, and I am not allowed to choose media from my project to use as a menu background.  What's up with that?  The graphic is below...  Thanks




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          Kodebuster Level 3

          I just shut down my editing PC, so I'm doing this from memory:


          If there's no drop zone and you select/highlight the Menu background, you can then browse to a still image, or a video clip to replace it (rather than a drag and drop as illustrated).


          I believe this will work (or I'm sure someone will chime in and clear things up)...

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            When you're in the Disc Menus workspace, click on the menu's background. You should then the see the button for replacing the background.


            And, once you do, you can drag on the corner handles to drag and position it in the window (in this case, the drive-in screen).

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