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    Copy/Paste Issues with Flash Player 10 ?


      Are there know issues (in various versions of Flash player 10 for Macintosh) when pasting text into text fields? I'm pasting text from standard text documents and from web pages ... when I paste in normal text in one of my Flex applications, Flash Player 10 appears to strip all line endings. Here's a description of steps to replicate:


        • copy text from a text editor
        • paste into a Flex text field
        • copy the content just pasted (i.e. select the text in the Flex text field, then copy)
        • paste into a text editor


      Result: the text pasted back into my text editor no longer has any carriage returns.


      I also see that the field's .text property contains only one loooong line of text ... oddly though, it displays like multiple lines, no matter how wide I make the field.


      The issue seems to be specific to Flash Player 10 Macintosh. There are no copy/paste problems with my Flex application under Flash Player 10 Windows; there are no problems on Mac or Windows under Flash Player 9.


      I'm wondering if this is a Flash Player 10 Mac bug, or if there is some new text field property that must be set to allow Macintosh copy/paste. Are there known installation issues that might cause this behavior?


      I have Flash Player (debug) installed. PowerPC / Mac OS 10.4.11


      The current version is, but I don't see a debug version for PowerPC Macintosh. I need an Intel Mac??? Here's where I looked:




      Thanks, Phrankie