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    [Fixed]:Strange compiler behaviour, possible mxmlc bug

      ========== This is no longer an issue ============
      There was a typo in my mxml file. My the SeamOperation in the second SeamRemoteObject was setting the id attribute instead of name

      My application mxml file has two RemoteObjects:
      <flamingo:SeamRemoteObject id="editProfile" destination="EditProfile" showBusyCursor="true">
      <flamingo:SeamOperation name="getName" result="getNameCallback(event)"/>
      <flamingo:SeamOperation name="setName" result="setNameCallback(event)"/>


      <flamingo:SeamRemoteObject id="editProfileSecure" endpoint="https://myhost.com/SharOn/seam/resource/amf" destination="EditProfile" showBusyCursor="true">
      <flamingo:SeamOperation id="addDataSource" result="addDataSourceCallback(event)"/>

      When I compile my application, I get two compile errors on the line where I have a private method:
      private function addDataSource(sType: String): void
      // create a popup TitleWindow to collect info about data source to be added

      The compile errors say:
      [mxmlc] J:\seamgen-projects\SharOn_seamgen\swf\SharOn.mxml(216): Error: Incompatible override.
      [mxmlc] private function addDataSource(sType: String): void
      [mxmlc] J:\seamgen-projects\SharOn_seamgen\swf\SharOn.mxml(216): Error: Duplicate function definition.
      [mxmlc] private function addDataSource(sType: String): void

      Removing the second SeamRemoteObject fixes the compile error.

      What is going on??