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    How to copy layers and maintain their content/name?

    superfetz Level 1

      For instance:


      I have a layer called "Dialog box" containing different symbols and I want to copy/paste it to another document or page and maintain the name and contents. But I always end up with the pasted content within a default layer "Layer 1" and when I want to duplicate it places the items inside my current layer and not in a new one.


      Any ideas people?





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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Hierarchical Layer Copy command may assist.

          It's available at Fw Exchange.


          Here is a summary of it's purpose.


          Copy heirarchical layers without loosing the layer heirarchy.


          1. Select the layer you want to copy.

          2. Select Layer Copy from Commands -> Document menu.

          3. Switch to document were you want to copy the layer heirarchy

          4. Select Layer Paste from Commands -> Document menu.


          Known Limitations:

          - If resolution of both the documents are different then resampling is not done.

          - Do not close the source document or even change the page in source document.

          - Do not use this command across pages of same document.

          - Layer Hierarchy is pasted at center of the document.

          - Do not use this command for Web Layers.