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    Render quality drops when importing sequences from Premiere Pro CS4



      I have both AE and Premiere Pro CS4, and, because my Media Encoder doesn't work (a common problem, apparently), I import my sequences into AE to render. However, I've noticed a marked drop in quality in the sequence when imported into AE as opposed to when it's in Premiere Pro. It's comparable to a "Full" dropping to a "Half" when changing preview render quality in AE. What am I doing wrong? Is there some simple way to match the quality of the AE Comp (that has the PP sequence in it) to what the original Premiere Pro project has? Should I not be putting the PP project into a new comp in AE before I render it out? Is there another way that can retain the quality of the original Premiere Pro project?


      This is urgent, as I need this rendered by Monday. Any help would be appreciated! Obviously, this is the first major project I've done this "workaround" with. I wish AME worked, but it doesn't for me.