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    Problem with export when more than one file is open


      I'm using Fireworks CS4 on a MacBook Pro.


      When I'm working on more than one file, it often happens that when I try export the file that I'm currently working on, Fireworks will actually export one of the other files I have open - in other words, one of the other, non-selected, tabs, but named as the file that I'm currently working on.


      Example: I have two files open, "cat" and "dog". I have already worked on "dog" and exported it. I move to "cat", leaving "dog" as the deselected tab. I export "cat", but in fact the image from "dog" is exported as "cat.jpg".


      I have fiound that I have to select an object within the current file, then check with image preview, to get it to export the file I'm actually working on. Needless to say, this slows down my workflow a lot when working on several files at once, and of course if it exports one image with the name of another it leads to a lot of confusion about which filke is which.


      Having used Fireworks since version 4, I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong. My questions are: has anyone else found this problem? And is there a fix for it?


      Thanks in advance foir any help.

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          Earl Krygier

          I'm having the same issue.  I work on one file, then move to another and when I go to export it brings up file #1.  I have to close all the other files before I can export file #2. 


          Has anyone helped you with this? 


          I'm using a Mac Pro (8 gigs Ram 500GB HD), running OS X.4.11 and using Fireworks CS4  I just updated it and its still doing it.


          Am also having crashes when working with text in a PNG file.  I have to say I miss the text editor box since the machine wasn't trying to work with font appearances while you're editing text.  Seems like this new "feature" makes Fireworks unstable.  I'm thinking about downgrading to CS2.