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    How do I actually delete unused footage in CS3?


      I have searched the forum and online, listened to lynda.com, and even referred to my CS3 bible all to no avail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I loaded 45 minutes of footage from my video camera.  It all came in from one tape as one single clip (I hit "capture" and walked away for 45 minutes)  I then moved the clip from the Project Panel to the Timeline and edited it down to eight minutes.  I now want to permanently delete everything but the eight minutes so it is completely gone from my system because that other footage is no good and takes up a lot of space.


      I try clicking "Remove Unused" under the Project tab but it is grayed out and not available.  I then go to the Project Manager, click "Create New Trimmed Project" and check the box to "exclude unused clips".  When I open the new trimmed project it still contains the original imported video clip that is 45 minutes long, and the file is still eight GBs which means that the Project Manager didn't do a thing.


      I suspect the reason this is happening is because all of my eight minutes come from a single source clip so there aren't any "unused clips" to delete.  However, there is plenty (37 minutes) of garbage material that I still need to get off my system.  How do I get rid of that footage?


      If anyone can help me to learn how to dump that garbage footage I would greatly appreciate it!