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    Converting a jpeg to pdf

    DRivera Community Member

      In the past I have used Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to convert jpeg images to pdf's with no problem..


      Now Adobe has upgraded to Adobe Reader 9.0 and Adobe Acrobat.com..


      I am currently using the site yet for some reason I am not able to now download these files?


      How does this work exaclty and is this a "trial" version that I am using for Adobe Acrobat or is it a free software?





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          An_Tai Community Member

          Adobe Reader 9.1 and Adobe Acrobat 9.1 are the latest software for the desktop. Acrobat.com is free and has limited functionality.


          If you want to go beyond the simple conversion of images to PDFs, or if you want more control on the PDFs that you are creating, you would be recommended to purchase Acrobat Standard 9.1 or Acrobat Pro 9.1




          Acrobat.com is a free service that allows basic storage, conversion and distribution of your files.


          You can download PDFs converteed from other file formats from the My Files area.


          Locate your file

          Hover the mouse to the right of the file's name - a circle with an inverted triangle will appear; this is a button

          Choose to download the PDF