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    I want to save the pointer and reload it while reading a pdf file.


      I am reading a novel in ebook format. When I reopen it on my desktop, to go to the point where I stopped reading, all I have to do it to press 'Alt' + '<-' (arrow key). Thus I am guessing that Adobe reader is associating a pointer with the file, which marks the place where I stopped reading. Now when I wante to reopen the file while I am at office I want to access this pointer.


      Is there a way to decode this pointer and reload it in Adobe? Let me know if you have a method.





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          Chip Rogers

          Would it help your cause if you could make bookmarks through your pdf reader? If yes, you could either buy a version of Adobe Reader which has the feature of adding bookmarks (I am not sure if there is one,but what I know is the free version doesnt have the feature).Or you could go for another software such as Foxit Reader 3.0 to add bookmarks to your pdf file. The bookmarks can be seen through Adobe also . Foxit Reader's free version has some "edit" options for pdfs which includes commenting. I am not sure if some version of  Adobe has it, but do check it out.


          P.S :- ability to add bookmarks is dependent on whether the particular pdf has security restrictions on adding bookmarks or not.But commenting feature of foxit reader is security independent. Also you can export the comments data to a .fdf file(of course,these can be later imported on the same pdf present on a  different machine).I couldnt find a way to export bookmarks from foxit to .fdf files. I guess that would have been convenient.See if you can find a way to export bookmarks in Adobe.