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    duplicateMovieClip Help

    JonnyDL-HV74P1 Level 1

      I put this original message in the wrong forum sorry. hopefully its in the write spot and I can get some advice help

      I just stating out to get a feel for actionscripts. I've been trying to use the duplicateMovieClip


      I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with my duplicateMovieClip
      I want it to slowly cover the scene/ frame area with copies of the
      movie clip/symbol, and then remove them
      when I run the file I just get one duplicate of the symbol. Here is
      the code I built

      amount = 50;
         duplicateMovieClip ("flowers", "bud" + i, i);
         scale = (random(100) + 50)
         this._x = random(750);
         this._y = random(90);
         this._alpha = random(100);
         this._xscale = scale;
         this._yscale = scale;
         i = i + 1;
         amount = amount-1;





      when I trace (this) I get the same instance and level

      can anybody tell me why its not working, what I'm missing?