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    PRE 7 missing templates


      I have seen that others have had similar problems with missing templates (menus etc), but in my case it was from a downloaded version, not from a disc.


      I downloaded an upgrade version of PE 7. When I first opened the program I got a message saying something along the lines of the fact that there were missing templates and it gave a link to fix the problem. The link simply took me to the original download page for the full software package. I had expected that it would be a link to the templates themselves. How do I go about downloading the templates...or do I have to download the entire software again?? (Is this possible, or having paid my money will it only allow me to download once?)


      In the meantime is it possible to use the templates from my earlier version (PE 3). If I copy them across to the appropriate folder in PE 7 will they work okay?