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    Captivate 4 not detecting audio input from USB Microphone

      I'm using a Logitech USB microphone in Captivate 4.  When I try to calibrate it, Captivate 4 is not detecting any sound.  It is set up properly.  In the "audio settings" menu, this microphone is listed in the drop down list.  I have selected it as the input device.  However, when I try to "calibrate" this microphone, no audio is detectable.  Captivate 4 is detecting the device, but not the audio input.  I have double checked all the usual suspects--this microphone is selected as the default recording device.  It does not use special software or drivers.  It is designed to use the drivers in Vista.  It works fine with other applications.  I have made sure the input level is detectable.  I've checked to make sure it is not muted.  I have other microphones (non-USB cheapies) that work fine, but I can't get this specific USB microphone to work.