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    PPRo CS4 on Mac - limited .avi support


      Am I missing something?  I just exported an "umcompressed" .avi* from a TGA sequence on my PC in CS4, stored it on the server, then opened CS4 on my new Mac and it won't import or open the exported files. It says it doesn't support the codec.  i also noticed that .avi is not even an export option in the media encoder on the Mac.



      I double checked and opened the file inside of After Effects and it says the file has no compression (therefore, no codec, right?)


      Anyone else have some insight on this?


      Thanks in advance!


      Ryan Risley

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          Rizzer Level 1

          Interestingly enough, even though AE states there is no compression, a co-worker opened the exported .avi file with VLC Media Player and it says that there IS a codec:  RV24:  Raw RGB 24-bit file


          When opening the same .avi within quicktime (on my PC) it states that the codec is: WRAW, 256 colors


          After Effects still says "no compression".


          My original settings were:  Microsoft AVI with "none" selected as the codec.  If i select "uncompressed microsoft avi" I am forced to choose between V210 (which i believe is 10 bit) and UYVY (which is 8 bit I believe).  Either way this involves using a codec and is NOT truely uncompressed.


          I would use .mov's, but Fusion (our compositing software of choice) absolutely will not work with them, especially on our 64-bit machines (PC quicktime is still only 32 bit). When i export as a QT and select "none" as compression - AE reads it as "none" (not "no compression") and QT inspector reads it as "none" also.  Very straightforward - "none" means no compression (like it should).



          I seem to have opened a can of gummy worms along the way and now i am very confused about what really is an "uncompressed" format and very frustrated that CS4 PPro between Mac and PC are not very compatable.




          PC specs: dual quad cores, 12 gigs Ram, 8800 GT Nvidia card

          MAC specs: dual quads, 8 gigs Ram, 88 GT Nvidia card

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            AVI is a Microsoft format and it is not native to Apple systems.  Maybe you can find a AVI plugin for your MAC?


            Just google AVI for MAC

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Premiere's support for Uncompressed media usually includes third-party hardware, like that from AJA or BlackMagic.


              I'd ask why you're bringing the exported file into Premiere on the Mac?  Just use the export with Fusion as you desire.