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    License Agreements - Student to Commercial


           Can anyone help me out with this? I've gone through Adobe customer support, in several different manners, and get several different answers to this.I've also found different answers  on the forums too.


      I am currently a student and using an education version of Adobe Flash CS4. I am getting interest in freelance work and would like to eventually use my Flash for professional uses. However, that would currently go against the educational product license agreement.


      To me, it would make sense that a student using the product to learn how to become a professional, using the product for their career choice, would eventually want to use their same copy for commercial reasons. So far, I've been told I have to purchase the full version with the commercial license in order to be able to use it without legal concern. Why in the world would I purchase the product all over again when the copy I have is exactly the same, just the legal agreements are different?? Ive also been told that I can trade in my educational product, receive credit for the price I paid and pay the remaining difference to buy the same program, just with a commercial license. Seems like a rip-off to me.


      So, has anyone been able to change their current educational license agreement to use it professionally? Or did they really go out and buy their copy all over again?