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    Help with transparency


      I have Macromedia Fireworks 8. I am trying to make an image transparent. The image is on a white background. I use the wand tool and delete all the white space, but when I make the canvas have a black background, I see that there's stuff around the edges of the image, making the edges look ugly on other colours. Is there a way to smoothen edges so that they look nicer?

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          Ziggyzoozoo Level 1

          This is the image I am using, note how on a black background you can see it has crappy borders. I want to smooth those images so that it looks nice on every background when I make it transparent.




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            pixlor Level 4

            When the image was created against the white background the edges of the figure were anti-aliased to white. This means that the colors were blended with white so that they would give the appearance of a smooth edge.


            You can remove these pixels, but then you will get a figure that has a jagged edge to it. Depending on your opinion, it may or may not look good against every background.


            Here's what you can do to give it a go, however:



            • Use Modify > Canvas > Canvas Color and set the canvas color to transparent. (This will give you a transparent background to test against.)
            • Add a solid-color rectangle the size of your image, but put it behind the figure. (This will give you an easy way to test your progress against different background colors. Turn off this object's visibility for now.



            Delete the black background.

            • For larger areas, use the magic wand to select regions and press the delete key. Make sure your Tolerance level is set very low (if not 0) in the Properties palette.
            • For smaller areas, use the Eraser tool with Edge setting of 0, and adjust the size to what you need to do the fine detail work. This task will require time and patience.


            As you work, occasionally turn on the visibility of the rectangle behind the figure. Change the color, to check against light colors and dark colors. Alternatively, use multiple rectangles and simply turn their visibilities on and off.


            When you have finished removing the halo, you can export to a transparent .gif. Delete or turn off the visibility of the rectangle(s) and export using Alpha Transparency.


            If you are using the image under controlled conditions where a partially transparent .png file will work, then you can soften the edges of the figure which will fade them into the background slightly. If the browser or program used to view a partially transparent .png does not support that format, however, the background will be a solid color, not transparent at all.


            Good luck!