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    Video preview is playing slowly with "jumps"....




      I just captured some video from my DV camera, and wanted to edit it, but unfortunately I am unable to do so since I can only see the video preview playing very slowly.


      I created a new sequence, and dragged the captured video into it.

      Then on the main premier screen I can see the project frame, a "source" frame, a "program" frame, and a "Timeline" frame.

      Trying to hit the play button on the "program" frame start playing the video, but slowly. I can hear the video sound running normally but the video is playing slowly then it should, and I can see the seconds and mil-seconds running but slowly when the seconds jump up and down like in : 111111122211222222333223333334443344444 and so on and the video have some jump all the time.


      Does anyone know what might be the problem?


      The file that was saved on the disk is playing normally using other media tools.


      I hope I explained myself clearly, but if not please let me know.