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    pdf's wont open in browser


      For some reason I can not get the pdf reader 9.1x to open pdf files in my firefox or IE. Any thoughts? I reinstalled both the reader and the browser.



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          ZioMau Level 1

          Tha same is true for me both in IE 8 and Firefox 3.0.9.

          I can download the file and after open with Acrobat, but can no more open it in the browsers. I uninstalled, downloaded and installed again Acrobat 9.1 without success.

          I have Windows XP Professional.

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            You need to install the updates for Adobe Acrobat.  Apparently, there are a few hooks that are broken by installing Reader 9.1.

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              ZioMau Level 1

              Many thanks for your suggestion, but;

              I installed the last available package from Adobe site. The program "look for updates" menu function tells me no more recent updates are available ....

              Where else should I look for them?

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                Level 1

                You attached pictures of Adobe Reader.  What version of Adobe Acrobat are you running?  If it's version 8 and less than 8.1.4, you need to download the updates.

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                  ZioMau Level 1

                  Sorry, I am confused: I don't have Adobe ACROBAT, only the free Reader and it used to open the online PDF files without problems up to some days (and updates) ago ?! Why should I have the Acrobat? I don't write PDF documents, I only read them. I used by error Acrobat in a previous post, I intended Adobe Reader, obviously.

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                    I'm having the EXACT same problem...additionally, if I open the pdf file from wherever on my harddrive I have it saved, it won't print...everything else (word documents, webpages, etc.) will print fine, but I get an error message with the pdf that says "there were no pages selected to print" even though, obviously, there were. It's weird! The problem just started a few days ago...before that it was fine.

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                      The same problem in IE7 with Reader 9.0 and 9.1

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                        tourismforall Level 1

                        I have been having similar problem in Vista / IE7. I've been trying to find a solution all day here and in other forums. Have been reading all the tips and advice (thanks to all who have contributed).  Have unistalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader 9.1, ensured that all updates are on and all the right boxes are checked to enable IE7 to open pdfs - but still getting the same old message that I need Adobe Reader 9 (or 8) installed.

                        If any forum reader has any more thoughts on how to overcome this I'd be grateful?


                        Thank you, tourismforall

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                          reddet Level 1

                          I'm not sure why this is an issue; someone mentioned hooks..  I do know the work around that worked for me....  GoTo; Edit->Preferences->Internet(categories), and uncheck "Disply PDF in browser"  WIN

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                            ZioMau Level 1

                            Your suggestion did not work for me (WIN XP PRO with either I.E. 8 or Firefox 3.0.9).

                            I also disabled Acrobat add-in in Firefox without success (I even renamed nppdf32.dll in firefox\plugins)

                            In Internet Explorer I found 3 different plugins and disabled all of them without success, but now I have an indication error message; this is my translation from Italian: "Program Execution Protection stopped the program to protect the system from possible damage"

                            Also in internet explorer\plugins I renamed nppdf32.dll without any better result.

                            I tried also to rename the files acroiehelpershim.dll and acroiehelper.dll in programs\commonfiles\adobe\acrobat\activex but this was not possible because the files are in use (even after rebooting).

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                              rdouch Level 1

                              Check if the following registry key exists on your computer..


                              HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Adobe\Acrobat\Exe  with the String value C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\Acrord32.exe


                              (This is assuming you  have installed Adobe reader in the default location)


                              If that doesn't exist, create it, or use the attached txt file. Download and rename it to a .REG file, then launch it to add the registry key.


                              Good luck.

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                                ZioMau Level 1

                                Unfortunately the register entry is already there with the correct content.

                                Looking into the Adobe libraries, I found that the installation of Adobe 9 left behind more then 100 MB of the 8 version, even if no link to these data can be found in the register. I wonder why they don't ask to uninstall the previous version if they are not able to delete it while installing the new one.

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                                  tourismforall Level 1

                                  Thank you one and all for your suggestions and especially you reddet - your advice has worked for me. Thought I'd unchecked this box but had not.


                                  I really hope that everyone else can follow your advice and succeed in viewing on-line pdfs. Thanks a mill for this.



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                                    reddet Level 1

                                    Thinking about it, I have had similar issues going from version to version.  I recall removing all instances, and running Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, and selecting the ADobe product.  Click remove (or somesuch) then reinstalling product in question.


                                    Kind of a shot, but worth a try..


                                    Good Luck!

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                                      ZioMau Level 1

                                      Very well, thank you!

                                      I manually deleted the residual directory of Adobe Reader 8, then used Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to clean Adobe Reader 9 installation from the registry and re-installed Adobe Reader 9.1. Now I can read PDF documents online both from Firefox and Internet Explorer without problems!

                                      Next time I will update Adobe Reader, I by sure will first uninstall the previous version !