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    Trouble with buttons


      Hi - Having trouble getting my flash buttons working correctly.  I had to change my concept from each button having a single link, to one that works ostensibly as a "drop down/pop up menu" with each containing several links.
      I have a scaled down version to illustrate (see attached).  I've started with the "Contact Us" button on the far right (figuring I could adapt it to the others once i got it working correctly). I can't figure out how to correctly work it so the pop up buttons disappear when a "roll out" occurs.  I tried building in an invisible button/or hot spot with that specific action, but because of it needing to be placed above the actual menu, the menu buttons no longer work with that approach in place. Does any of this make any sense?  Have i lost my mind?
      Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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          Well, try this (it´s a bit difficult to describe)...


          Try to imagine a big square-shaped button with a square-shaped hole somewhere in the middle. It should be invisible for the viewer (color alpha=0). Now, in the "hole" you place your other buttons, the visible ones as in the attached file. These buttons -because they´re uncovered, "looking through the hole"- will remain accesible, and they will be now sourrounded by an invisible big surface (the additional button you´ve created). This big invisible button contains some actions. On rollOver (and not on rollOut) it should hide/turn off the other ones (and perhaps even itself!). How about that? (Hope my explanation is somewhat understandable...)

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            Ratbastage Level 1

            Thanks!  Just need a chance to try to apply it to my timeline.