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    Using Introspection to Automate Persistence of Controls


      So far, in my researches, it is demonstrated that one is able to enumerate the controls (e.g. datgrid, checkbox) of a container.  Some of the controls turn up missing if they are inside an unexposed accordion fold.  My task is to find a way to persist the state of every control based only on information that can be obtained via introspection.  The reason persistence is needed is that the SWF is inside an IFRAME that is inside an automatically refreshing web page.  I've got persistence code written that works perfectly, but it isn't based on introspection.  It appears that introspection does not provide the necessary functionality to call methods on objects that introspection reports.  It appears that persisting control state requires access to methods and properties of specific object instances, that are NOT made available through introspection.  Can you shed more light on this issue?  Thanks in advance.


      Note:  The attached file 1T.txt contains a sample from Flex documentation that shows how to acquire introspective data.  The attached file 2T.txt contains an application that persists the content of several datagrids embedded within an accordion.  My task is to combine the functionality of 2 with the functionality of 1.