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    DV Editing Recompress or Smart Edit




      in cs4 when you capture DV and do some editing -> ie cut some footage out and place some transisitons in the footage -> and export to DV (the same settings on import) does the export:

      a) recompress the entire footage -> thus decreasing the quality of the whole clip.

      b) use the original footage for all parts of the film that were not changed, and just recompress those parts that were?


      Im looking to upgrade from vegas, which defintly uses a smart render and only recompress the changed footage.


      I tried importing/exporting prgressive generations of a clip:

      import clip1->export to clip 2

      import clip2->export to clip 3

      import clip3->export to clip 4

      import clip4->export to clip 5

      to 10 generations.


      I could not see any visiible changes suggesting a) could be the answer, however the clips grows about 5k each time, suggesting B) could be thge answer. Any ideas, if the answer is a) Ill upgdare, if not Ill be stuck with vegas.