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    Problem in rendering pdf



      I need to render a XDP File with XML File to produce a PDF Document.
      I came to know that there are 2 Serivce's which i can make use of it..



      Service : generatePDF
      When i tried using this Service  i got the PDF File..but its a Static PDF File.. i can't Edit the PDF File.
      I want a PDF file which i can EDIT Manually..

      And i want to know how to use renderPDFForm Service to generate PDF from the given inputs both xdp and xml file.


      Please help me out to solve this problem....!




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          Yan Kliaver Level 2



          You have to use renderPDF service if you wish  that dynamic interactive pdf form will be the output of your process.

          Set the name of your xdp template in the "Form to Render" field, name of the xml file data as a "Form Data" and enter the path to your template as "Content Root URI".

          In the output section set the name of the variable to hold the rendered document in the "Rendered Form" field.

          Note that the path should be started with: "repository:///" and then the path to your template.

          For example if the name of you tempate is form.xdp and it is located in Forms folder of your repository, you should set form.xdp as Form to Render and "repository:///Forms" as Content Root URI.


          Hope this helps,


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