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    Best way to learn Flash?

      Hi guys,


      A little bit about me.  I'm a senior student about to enter my last semester as a computer animator, and I'm noticing the market for Flash is really big.  Jobs in Maya/3dsmax versus Flash, I'm more likely to find a job working in Flash.  Anyways, I understand the basics of the program, as its very similar to what I do now, only with vector graphics and layers "kind of like Toon Boom?".  What would be the best way to become well versed in the program, and learn ActionScript as well.  I'm a four year degree student with a very solid background in design basics and aesthetics, and I don't think I'm going to find a job in computer animation right off the bat, especially with the way the market is currently.  Thanks for any tips you can provide guys!



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          How to best learn Flash. This really depends on how you learn.


          I myself learn best by just opening the software up and playing around with it, finding online assistance to supplement my play.


          But, there are official training programs. http://www.adobe.com/training/ - Adobe's official training page.  You can find a training partner if you want to take a training class.


          http://www.lynda.com has a massive set of online video training for everything Adobe, including Flash.


          You can also find many things at http://tv.adobe.com, as well as at the tutorialsfromadobe youtube channel.


          There are also a number of really good books on this subject out there.